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Business studies is an integrated approach to the study of business administration. This series has been broken into various components; Office practice, Commerce, Book-keeping and Keyboarding.
The general objectives of business studies include;
- Provide the orientation and basic skills with which to start an occupation for those who may not have opportunity for further training.
- Provide basic business skills for personal use now and in the future.
- Prepare students for further training in business studies.
- Relate the knowledge and skills to the national economy.
- Develop basic skills in office occupations.
The thematic approach to content organization was adopted in order to provide the learner a holistic blend of theory and practice of business studies. These themes and sub-themes are introduced in an ascending order of complexity through the three years of upper basic education. The content area keyboarding and book-keeping when acquired ensures the acquisition of skills for productive work. Prescribed activities and projects as well as the hands on experience as recommended will further ensure the acquisition of productive skills. Consequently, four (4) themes were considered as adequate to provide the students with the required cognitive, psycho motor and effective skills at the Upper Basic Level.
These are as follows:
- Overview of Business Studies
- Effective Office Practice
- Commerce – the Heart of Business
- Book-keeping and Business Success
- Keyboarding as a Communication Tool
Topics under each theme were analyzed to enable the learner start from simple to complex ideas. The guided discovery method of learning and teaching was adopted in prescribing activities for each of the topics to promote learning and practical skill development.
Local and global concerns about corruption, education, values orientation, ethical issues, keeping to laid down regulations, consumer awareness and protection, entrepreneurial education, personal finance, environment degradation, social responsibility of business, capital market operations have been infused in order to make the curriculum more encompassing and robust in preparing the students better for a reform driven environment and business world.

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